About Me

My name is Jigyasa Grover (pronounced as JIG-yah-suh GROH-ver).

10-time award winner in Artificial Intelligence and Open Source and the co-author of the book 'Sculpting Data For ML', I am striving to make a dent in this world of technology and bridge the gaps. I have 5+ years of ML engineering & Data Science experience in deploying large‐scale systems for monetization on social networking and e‐commerce platforms with a focus on ads prediction, sponsored content ranking, and recommendation. I am also one of the few ML Google Developer Experts globally.

At present, I am at Faire as a Senior Data Scientist, building paid brands placements (ads) marketplace and ranking engine from the ground up to diversify company revenue streams. Previously, I was at Twitter as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer in the Online Ads Prediction & Ranking domain, where I worked towards boosting the revenue and other advertising metrics of the platform. I have driven projects spanning ML model quality and performance improvements (viz. conversion rate, cost per conversion, revenue), feature engineering (feature set extension, imputation, and importance pipelines), privacy-preserving, Apple App Tracking Transparency (ATT) remediation, and SKAdNetwork mobile attribution and measurement.

I campaign for a data-centric approach to ML, and my book is a practical guide on curating quality datasets that lay a strong foundation for an ML pipeline. Hinged on this ideology of throwing the limelight on the mindful practices of dataset curation, I have been proactively sharing my views and best practices in the form of technical talks, panels, podcasts, blog posts, and so on. My latest research 'Keeping it Low‑Key' is focused on igniting the public dialogue regarding privacy impacts, ethical consequences, fairness, and real-world harms of non-privacy-compliant ML systems. I have also co-authored a chapter ‘Do not fake it till you make it!’, which is a synopsis of trending fake news detection methodologies on social media using deep learning in a world-renowned Springer book series. To help budding authors and writers, I am also serving as a technical book reviewer for O'Reilly Media and Packt Publishing House.

Having graduated from the University of California, San Diego, with a Master’s degree in Computer Science and an Artificial Intelligence specialization, my journey is highlighted by a myriad of experiences from my stints at Faire, Twitter, Facebook/Meta, National Research Council Canada, Institute of Research & Development France, San Diego Supercomputer Center involving data science, mathematical modeling, and software engineering.

I am an avid proponent of open-source and credit the access to opportunities and my career growth to this sphere of community development. In my spirit to build a powerful community with a strong belief in “we rise by lifting others”, I mentor aspiring developers and ML enthusiasts in various global programs. I share my experiences and knowledge as an Advisory Board Member for the Las Positas Community College, AI Forum, Corinium Global Intelligence, and VigiTrust. I currently lead the open-source and ML track for Anita Borg's IWiC group and am also the Program Chair for PyBay. In the past, I led the Women@ML BRG, to provide a safe circle for professional growth, collaboration, and advocacy. I have also served as the Director of Women Who Code and Lead of Google Women Techmakers for a handful of years to help bridge the gender gap in technology.

I am a proud recipient of multiple grants for my research and travels globally from Mitacs Globalink, Linux Foundation, Facebook, European Smalltalk Users Group, Python Software Foundation, Twitter, and many more. I have 150+ media features, keynotes, conference talks, panels, workshops, and podcasts to my name, with renowned entities like Google, United Nations, NTD Business, International Business Times, SiliconAngle, CubeTV, etc. My love for tinkering has led me to win 5+ hackathons, sponsored by Microsoft, Google, Github, etc. and I now give back to the community by serving on the judges' panel of hackathons.

Apart from my technological ventures, I enjoy exploring hidden gems in my city, hanging out with friends and family, and have been recently having fun with baking. To get in touch, you can EMail at jigrover[at]eng[dot]ucsd[dot]com or DM on Twitter

Last Updated: May 14, 2023